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All about Online Backup Service

Online backup is a way of storing your data offsite in which the entire contents of a hard drive, folders or files are backed up regularly via the internet connection. Backup Everything can support Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Mobiles plus a host of applications which we can protect.

Logic of Using Online Backup Service

So what is the logic behind online backup? Well, the rationale or logic behind using an online backup facility is quite simple really. When you continuously or frequently backup your data offsite to a Data Centre, the risk of massive data loss due to reasons such as file corruption, theft, break-out of a fire, natural calamity or any type of disaster can be practically eliminated.

We provide a simple web portal interface so coupled with high-speed Internet access, your files would appear as if they have been stored on an external hard drive in the cloud. Most importantly the encryption used is 448 Bit Blowfish and the portal is accessed with a username and password with which only you know the login details. This helps with data privacy as no one will be able to access your data.

For a customer it is difficult to choose what kind of solution to go for as there are a host of providers out there offering online backup services. The key questions to consider are:

- Do I want my data in the UK or it doesn’t matter?
- What do I want to backup i.e. servers, desktops etc.
- How much data do I have?
- Is the software simple to use?
- Is the company well recognized by reviews or types of customers?

Online backup can also be referred to as cloud backup but to note cloud storage is totally different. We have published an article explaining the difference which you can see here.

As a business, protecting the data you have is crucial in case something goes wrong. Backup Everything provides this service to small businesses, students and remote office workers across the Business and OnTheGo products. Feel free to download our brochures or just sign up to any package and you can start backing up today.