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Cloud Backup

Files should be backed up to prevent data loss

Hacker attacks at any level have been a matter of great concern in recent years when it comes to data security. This has led to companies as well as individuals losing data and in several cases data could not be recovered at all. Backup Everything are here to prevent this from occurring by offering our cloud backup solution which will backup your files and applications.

You never know when data like music, pictures, documents, applications and emails can disappear for whatever reason. The first thing that might come to your mind in such a scenario is that protection of your data should have been better. Data loss can be prevented by adopting various stringent practices and not just through a strong password. Security can often fail and not just due to hackers. Software failure, hardware failure or human error can be contributors for data loss too. Our business solution can help you with this.

How Backup Everything’s cloud backup solution can prevent data being lost?

A quick overview is:
- Download the backup software
- Select which files to backup
- Option is there to backup physical & virtual environments plus applications
- Choose if you want it cloud only, local only or both
- The backups will automatically run in the background on a daily basis

Security of data is an important concern for businesses; the impact of data loss can be greatly reduced and eradicated by employing the right cloud backup service. It should be a conscious and sustained effort on part of the businesses that they make attempts to know more about cloud backup. Deploying such a service will minimize the impact of data losses if they occur.

If there are inadequate strategies for recovery of data and data protection then Backup Everything can help you. Most businesses would like to believe that it is not a priority task to prevent or minimize data loss, but there are several articles today about data loss, and the negative impacts it will have to the business. The business solution is for customers with servers and desktops. Laptop users can choose the OnTheGo product.

One of the biggest impacts that are associated with loss of data is the brand reputation i.e. if any business cannot deliver services to their own customers. Trust is a key factor and as a business you don’t want to not be able to function if you lose anything. Backup Everything provides a reliable and secure cloud backup solution that can help eliminate the issue of potential data loss.