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Our Costs

Backup Everything OnTheGo, Rs.250 /pm unlimited backup per user

Cloud Backup for your mobile or tablet, min 1 year per device.

Backup Everything Business, Rs.10 /pm per GB

Premium online backup protection for your PC, Laptop or Server plus applications such as SQL and Exchange.

Feature OnTheGo Business
Desktop Licences N/A Unlimited
Laptop Licences N/A Unlimited
Server Licences N/A Unlimited
Mobile/Tablet Licences 1 Unlimited
Remote Desktop Licences N/A Unlimited
Share files with family and friends N/A Yes
View stored files from any web browser via online portal Yes Yes
View stored files from your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) Yes Yes
UK Based Support Yes Yes
Computer, Office, Music, Photos and Videos Yes Yes
VMware N/A Yes
Hyper-V N/A Yes
SQL, SharePoint, MYSQL N/A Yes
Open File Backup, VSS N/A Yes
Exchange inc Brick Level Backup N/A Yes
Keep Local Copy of data for faster restore Yes Yes
Number of previous files versions available for access 64 Unlimited
How long deleted files are kept Flexible Flexible
Data stored in secure Data Centres Yes Yes
Encryption 448 Bit Blowfish 448 Bit Blowfish
Restriction on Transfer Speeds Unlimited Unlimited
Backup NAS device or alternative network device N/A Yes

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Backup Everything Business

Premium protection for physical and virtual servers plus applications such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and more. For requirements over 1TB please contact us at, we also offer a free disk seeding service to upload the initial data if needed.

Start Up Plan

100 GB

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Small Plan

250 GB

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Medium Plan

500 GB

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Large Plan

1 TB

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

We have alternative payment methods so please contact us if you would prefer this option.

Backup Everything OnTheGo

Secure any remote devices with our online backup solution

Unlimited Data Storage

Rs.250 per month
  • Min 1 year
  • Per Device
  • Free Support
  • All files